Travla T2241 2U Rackmount Dual Mini-ITX Case with 4x Removable SATA HDD Bays and Low-Profile PCI/PCI-Express Support

Travla T2241 2U Dual Mini-ITX Rackmount Case
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Euro Power Cord for T2241
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US Power Cord for T2241
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20in Sliding Rails for T2241
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12in Fixed Rails for T2241
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The Travla T2241 2U Rackmount Mini-ITX Case supports 2x Mini-ITX Motherboards, 2x Internal 2.5/3.5in HDDs/SSDs and 4x Lockable Hot Swap Removable 3.5in SATA HDD Caddies.

Construction:: Lightweight Aluminium alloy and heavy duty cold-rolled steel, finished in black textured paint.

Front Panel: 4x Drive Caddies; 2x Power Switch; 2x HDD & 2x Power LEDs; 4x USB 2.0; Case Cover Lock; 2x Fan Filter Covers with thumbscrews; 2x pop-outs for optional Compact Flash Adapters.

Drive Bays: 2x Internal 2.5/3.5in HDD Bays and 4x Lockable Hot Swap Removable 3.5in SATA HDD Caddies shared between both boards in any configuration.

Back Panel: 2x Patented nickel-plated plastic Universal I/O shields included.

Measurements: 88(H) x 446(W) x 482.6(D) (3.46 x 17.5 x 19in)
Volume: 18.94 litres.

Power Supply: 2x Internal Universal Auto-Switching 110-240V 250W Flex ATX PSUs with fan. UK Plugs provided as standard.

Cooling: 4x 80x80mm system fans are included.

PCI/PCI Express Cards: Low-Profile cards supported, fitted directly to the motherboard.

Supported boards: All Mini-ITX boards, including socket motherboards with standard heatsinks fitted (use low profile socket heatsinks if PCI/PCI Express bay in use).

Full case comparison, size and board compatibility chart

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