The Redstone PC is the Ultimate Mini-ITX Minecraft Machine
August 13, 2015

Spencer Kern put his skills as a 3D video game artist at Microsoft to good use when he created the Redstone PC.

Inspired by a Minecraft redstone block, the Redstone PC is an 8.5in cube constructed from extruded acrylic bars and laser-cut acrylic sheets solvent welded with acrylic cement. The outer shell is decorated by custom vinyl decals covered with a clear poly finish to dissuade them from lifting off the surface.

At the heart of his build is a Gigabyte GA-H97N WIFI Mini-ITX motherboard with an EVGA GTX 750Ti graphics card. The board is mounted upside down with strategically placed fans pulling air down and out of the bottom and rear of the case.

Spencer took several rolls of paracord and a crimp tool and braided all of his custom-made internal cables, and even designed an entirely new power button to match the rest of the case.

This clearly wasn’t enough work for Spencer. He also:

  • Fitted internal LED lighting using light strands
  • Designed a two colour decal for the SSD
  • Customised a mouse, headphones and an Xbox One controller
  • Designed and had custom key caps printed for a mechanical keyboard

*For the benefit of our few readers from undiscovered Patagonian tribes still unfamiliar with Minecraft - Redstone is a building block used to make rudimentary and often highly complex circuits.

Spencer Kern's Redstone PC

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