Nexus Launch a Psile
July 13, 2006

Customisable Mini-ITX Case from Nexus

Netherlands-based noise reduction specialists Nexus Technology have launched their amusingly named "Psile" Mini-ITX case. The 22.5 cm x 22.5 cm x 19 cm case is constructed from a 4mm thick Aluminium chassis and a strong plastic cover insulated with noise cancelling material. The basic Psile is available in black or white, but the cover can be customised with a choice of artwork or better still - with your own design. We took a look inside one for your perusal. Full disclosure: We're proud to be the UK distributors of the Psile, available at our online store.

Nexus Technologies' Psile Website

Psile at the Mini-ITX Online Store

Nexus Psile Mini-Review

First of all the name. We're assured there's a perfectly reasonable explanation. It's a combination of "PC" and "Silent", and is pronounced "Psssile". So now you know (snigger)

Nice packaging

Etymology aside, this is a well presented and constructed case. The packaging is professional, with clear instructions.

Aluminium chassis and drive holder

Our test machine came in white, with a sand-sprayed white Aluminium chassis, and solid white U shaped plastic cover. The cover is firmly held in place by two slots on the underside, and released by putting the case on its side and pushing against the base of the cover with a coin. We found this tricky at first, but no doubt with practice we'll have the cover on and off in no time.

Inside the cover is a layer of DampTex noise cancelling material. This doubles in duty to help keep the (surprisingly strong) cover firmly in place.

Rails and Fan (with passive heatsink?)

The Aluminium chassis is also formed in a U shape from two parts, with an Aluminium drive bay holder holding it together, with room for a 3.5in hard drive and slotloading slimline optical drive.

Optical drive attached to motherboard

The drive holder doubles as a heatsink, and has fins to help draw heat away from any hot hard drives. There are no mounting points for 2.5in drives (yet), but we think we could fit one in with a 3.5in to 2.5in drive bracket. Nexus provide a skinny three way IDE cable to maximise airflow throughout the case and a SATA cable for the lucky Mini-ITX boards that have SATA.

Front Panel with LED lit

Along the top of the case are two rails. These aren't required to maintain the structural integrity of t

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