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Updated on July 29, 2002

Eden Case Badge

C3 Case Badge

Win one of these lovely case badges

Congratulations, you found our secret page. But we've made things harder. Now we only give our case badge bounty to projects we feature (or intend to feature) on the site. OK, maybe we'll give a few away for decent supplier links too. But that's it. Oh, and anything else we like the look of. Nothing else though. Really, you should support the site and buy a badge. They're very reasonably priced.

How to win a case badge

Just do ANY of the following:

1. Send us a picture of your Mini-ITX project. Then tell us how you did it.

2. Buy a badge, then pretend you won it. Honestly - it's the same.

The address for entries is feedback@mini-itx.com


We only have a limited amount of badges to give away, so don't complain when we don't give you one. Don't spam us. Make an effort to stand a better chance of winning. If you don't win, buy a badge - you have to, it's in the rules. The judges decision is final, and grossly unfair.


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