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Nano-ITX - Exclusive Pictures
From a cupboard under VIA's Computex 2003 stand, September 25, 2003

Nano-ITX is VIA's next generation small form factor embedded motherboard, measuring just 120mm x 120mm. The secret of Nano-ITX is the Nano-BGA (Ball Grid Array) package, which has allowed VIA to squeeze a 1Ghz C3 CPU into just 15mm square. This is a pre-production board, so specifications could change - but from our blurred photographs this version looks to have a VT8237 South Bridge, SODIMM RAM slot, SATA connector, 2 x IDE connectors, S-Video, TV-Out, 3 Audio Jacks, VGA, LAN, 2 x USB and a Mini-PCI slot on the reverse. There may be a heatsink on the real things, and we're not entirely sure how the board is powered yet.

Click on a picture to enlarge it - probably beyond life size...

Thanks for the pictures Stuart - your prize is in the post.

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