The "Ambulator I"
By Webb Speidermann
Posted on January 20, 2004
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My battery was rescued from a UPS. It is rated at 4 Amp Hours and has run this rig for as long as 4 hours. A friend thinks the battery must be an under performer - perhaps from years of use. Using his calculations there should be enough juice to run for more than 6 hours.. If I wasn't such a frugal/cheap tight wad I'd buy a new battery and find out. Guess I'd buy some Olive Drab straps too.

Two US Robotics external modem AC adapters gave up their plugs for this project. It was comforting to find that the iTuner PSU and the monitor had the same sized jack AND they used the same polarity. No surprise smoke for me!

Though I knew the white striped wire was positive and the solid black was negative I checked it anyway. Did I mentions a morbid fear of surprise smoke?

Here we see Ambulator I modeled by The Unknown Test Pirate.

The first time I met this guy was in elementary school. I was the astonished one and he was the one relieving me of my lunch money. That 'relationship' lasted for a couple of months until I found an upperclassman that was willing to relieve TUTP of his perfectly straight nose and a bit of blood.

After we graduated from high school TUTP went on to become a used car salesman and recently he was elected to a position in local government. I guess ripping people off is just a way of life for some folks.

A special thanks to The Unknown Comic for providing a punch line for this project.