The "Humidor CL Server"
By Jeffrey L. Stephenson
Posted on February 1, 2004
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This is the KVM port. The plates came from L-com Connectivity Products. They were supposed to be part of a modular 19" rack connection system. I chromed them and drilled a hole in the center for the antennas.

This is the Ethernet port. Four pass through plugs. Three are for wired connections to a home system or computers without wireless facilities. The fourth (top left) is actually the pass through for the DSL phone line. Yes, you can plug an RJ-11 into an RJ-45.

The original humidor hygrometer was a cheesy little plastic thing. I wanted a nice thermometer but I couldn't find one as nice as this clock.

Here it is with the props onboard. I got tired of hearing "where do you put the cigars"? Now I get "won't they get ruined in there"? Yes, they will get ruined. It is still not a functioning cigar humidor because of the high heat and low humidity. I'm sure it can be done but not on a reasonable budget.

Here is close up of the Crystalfontz 631. It comes with either a black or brushed aluminum faceplate. I like the raw chrome frame because it blends into the art deco theme. I also did some other surgery on the mounting bracket to fit my needs. The top right hand button is the power switch and the one below it is the reset switch. The LCD normally displays the case air temperature and automatically adjusts the speed of the CPU fan accordingly.

Glamour shot.

Final glamour shot.

I want to thank my sponsors VIA Technologies, Crystalfontz America and Hall Research Technologies and of course who has hung with me since the beginning. This computer was featured in the March 2004 issue of Popular Science magazine.