The "i64XBOX"
By Jason Olmstead
Posted on March 8, 2003
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Here's what the internals of the box were re-vamped to look like...

I was originally going to put a plexiglass window in the hole where the XBOX emblem used to be, but I ran into some complications that made me have to mount the fan in there. For some reason the system ran for only a couple minutes and then shut itself down and wouldn't start up again for a few minutes... almost as if the power button just didn't work. We thought that it might be getting too hot inside the case without any fans, so my friend Kevin Gerlinger had the good idea to mount a fan in the hole where the XBOX gem used to be. I already Dremeled the hole out and was just going to put a plexiglass window in there, but the fan was a pretty cool idea too. Eventually I want to get a clear 92mm LED fan with a green/blue light combo.

Turns out the system getting too hot wasn't why it was shutting down. I eventually discovered that disabling ACPI in the BIOS made Windows 98 a lot more stable and prevented the random power-offs.

Here's another shot of the inside. Notice the huge jumble of wires in the front. I rounded the IDE cable and zip tied everything up pretty good, but the power supply still came with more molex connectors than I need... WAY more. I'm still thinking about hacking some of them off and capping off the wires... I think I might eventually... I cut all of the berg connectors off because the EPIA motherboard doesn't have a floppy drive terminal on it anyway. That saved a little space, but not much.

Here's a shot of the 90mm fan I mounted on the top of the case. It's pretty much silent (it was new fan that I had and have never used), so it works really well. I mounted it upside down so it blows air inside the case. There are vents up and down both sides of the XBOX, and one in the back, it draws in cool air and it just goes out all over the place. It works really well. Thanks for the idea Kevin.

Here's another shot of the fan... top view. Dig that clean workmanship. Ooh yeah.

Here's another shot of the box...

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