The "Playstation2 PC"
By Jason Lawton
Posted on October 29, 2002
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As you can kind-of see here, there is very little room between the hard drive and the motherboard.

Here's another shot of the computer coming along.

Here is a completed shot of the PS2 computer. The motherboard sticks out of the front where the Playstation 2 gets smaller, so I have the IDE cable and the power supply located there.

Here is the back of the computer. Those wires sticking out are the power and reset buttons, as well as the hard drive and power led's. I'm planning on trying to put them where the original ps2's power/cd drive buttons are.

Just another shot. Here I was having trouble with the hard drive not spinning up. I think it was due to my "custom length" ide cables, though i'm not sure. I replaced them with a normal length cable, and now it works fine. Although, the cable is too long, and you'll see it sticking out in one of the next photos.