Intel Atom 1U Rackmount Server Bundles

Our Intel Atom 1U Rackmount Server Bundles consists of everything you need to build a powerful and low power consumption 1U Atom powered Mini-ITX machine: drawing under a quarter of an Amp when fully loaded with drives.

Legacy Product: These motherboards have legacy ports and chipsets best suited for legacy OS such as Windows 7 and CLI Linux with Kernels <= 3.2. New customers should consider our N2930-based 1U Rack Servers or ask about a custom designed system to meet your exact requirements.

Choice of 2 Rackmount Chassis

  • C1-RACK-V2 Value 1U Rackmount Chassis supports up to 3 drives: 2x 3.5in SATA Drives & Slimline Optical Drive. Updated quieter 250W PSU.
  • C2-RACK-V4 1U Rackmount Chassis supports up to 7 drives: 4x 2.5in/3.5in SATA Drives & Slimline Optical Drive, (additionally supports 2x 2.5in or 1x 3.5in Drive if PCI slot is not in use, and 1x 2.5in Drive if Optical Drive not used and Extended Length PCI/PCI-E Card not present)
  • C2-RACK-V4 designed by for low noise: Super Quiet 80 PLUS 300W PSU, optimised airflow design, flexible cooling options
  • Both chassis support PCI/PCI-Express expansion. The C2-RACK-V4 supports Extended length PCI/PCI-E cards (up to 395mm in length)


  • Jetway JNC9KDL-2550: Fanless 1.86GHz; Up to 8GB RAM; 2x Gigabit LAN; 2x SATA; VGA and HDMI; PCI

Self assembly or we can build for you

  • All components provided for your own assembly as standard
  • Build and Test option - we will build and test your machine for you

Don't see what you want here? Send us an email with as much information as possible, and we'll try and get it for you.