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Intel Atom C2-RACK 1U Rackmount Server Bundle with Super Quiet 80 PLUS PSU

C2-RACK 1U Rackmount Server Bundles

We have updated our low power consumption Intel Atom powered 1U Rackmount Server Bundles for 2013 with our brand new C2-RACK chassis - configurable with an even wider range of multiple LAN and HDD options. The original C1-RACK bundles are of course still available!

Intel Atom C1 and C2-RACK 1U Bundles

Gigabyte E350N Offer Bundles

E350N Bundles

We have put together an amazing value components bundle consisting of the powerful 1080p playback-capable Gigabyte E350N board coupled with a choice of two tiny enclosures and up to 16GB DDR3 memory. We can build and test your bundle and will additionally install OpenELEC XBMC Media Center for you for no extra charge. The best part is the price: from 150 delivered to the UK inc. VAT if you have a 2.5in drive you can repurpose!

Gigabyte E350N Offer Bundles

Zotac M350 Supreme Offer Bundle

Zotac M350 Supreme Bundle

We have a brand new offer bundle for you with the most powerful Atom board of all - the Zotac D2550-ITX-B Wi-Fi Supreme. The D2550 uniquely has a powerful but low energy consumption NVIDIA GT610 GPU included meaning hardware Blu-Ray 3D Decoding and native 1080p24 output is possible. This can be considered the 'big brother' of our excellent value Gigabyte E350N offer bundles. The D2550-ITX-B comes with its own built-in power supply so we've coupled it with the M350 Enclosure and up to 8GB Memory. We will build and test your bundle and additionally install OpenELEC media centre free of charge.

Zotac M350 Supreme Offer Bundle

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