Slim 60W AC Universal Adapter 12V 5A with 2.5/5.5mm DC Power Connector

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Universal 12V DC 60W 5A AC Adapter suitable for use with any of our picoPSU DC-DC Converters, and Mini-ITX Motherboards with 12V DC Input. Also suitable as an upgrade, replacement or spare part for many enclosures that require 12V DC Input (e.g. M200, M300, M350, most Morex cases, several 60W/80W Travla Cases, and many others).

New design for 2014 is 2/3 the size of our previous model.

Most commonly paired with the following picoPSUs:

Also suitable for use in your own projects, or with motherboards with 12V DC Input such as:

Dimensions: 66% the size of our alternative 60W AC Adapters at just 51 x 30 x 108mm (0.165 litres)

Notes: This 12V AC Adapter is *not* compatible with 90W/120W Travla Cases or as a replacement for Zotac or Asus AC Adapters, as these require a 19V power input. This Adapter is fanless. Larger capacity AC Adapters provide more headroom and could extend the life of your components. Full size (5.25in) optical drives draw a lot of power at startup - use 100W or larger AC Adapter with picoPSU-120 or larger. Always email us to check compatibility if you do not intend to use with Mini-ITX equipment.

This adapter can be bundled with UK, Euro and USA style power cables. Universal adapter - will work with any voltage 110 - 240V.

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