Travla C159 80W 1U Short Depth Rackmount Mini-ITX Case

Travla C159 1U Case 80W
  £238.80 inc. VAT
Lead time usually 3-4 weeks

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Short Depth 19in Rackmount 1U Mini-ITX enclosure constructed from high quality lightweight Aluminium with an anodized front bezel.

Depth: 254mm (10 in).

Front Panel (under flap): 2x USB 2.0, 2x 3.5mm Audio Sockets; DB9 Serial Port; Power Switch; HDD & Power LEDs.

Drive Bays: 1x 2.5in drive bay, 1x 3.5in Hard Drive Bay; 1x Slimline Optical Drive or Compact Flash Drive Bay (Mini SATA cable provided for optical, optional adapter required for Compact Flash).

Measurements: 44.45(H) x 482.6(W) x 254(D) (1.75 x 19 x 10in)
Volume: 5.45 litres.

Power supply: External 80W Universal 110/240V 12V AC adapter and internal 12V DC converter. Internal power connectors for 1x 20/24pin ATX Power, 1x 4pin 12V P4, 1x SATA, 1x Molex, 1x Floppy.

Cooling: 2x 40x20mm 6.28CFM blower fans are included, one with a Molex HDD Pass-through cable (to attach to the power supply) and one with a 3pin Fan connector. The internal DC converter and external AC Adapter are silent.

Supported boards: Embedded Mini-ITX boards with ATX connectors and standard height heatsinks e.g. D2500HN, JNC9KDL, D425KT, D525MW, D410PT, D510MO, later model D945GCLF, D945GCLF2; Jetway Atom & J7F2/4K/5M; Zotac ION-ITX-B/C, Fusion Boards; VIA EPIA Boards. Universal I/O shield now included as standard.

Boards not supported: Boards with extended height heatsinks including: Early Intel D945GCLF, Zotac ION-ITX-A, Zotac ION-ITX-D; All Socket Mini-ITX boards (draw too much power).

PCI and PCI Express Support: No Riser Card is included. Solid PCI and PCI-Express x16 riser cards optionally available - please select as required from the menu on the left. For Single PCI use the top slot of the Dual PCI card. Dual PCI is supported only with a subset of card types and motherboards and may prevent fitting a drive in the 2.5in drive bay.

*Slimline Optical or Compact Flash Support: Use a Mini SATA cable to add a Slimline Optical Drive. Alternatively a Compact Flash Adapter can be fitted in the Slimline Optical Bay, with front access. Tip: remove the metal backplate before fitting.

Larger picture of case

C159-80W Manual

Full case comparison, size and board compatibility chart

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