C2-RACK-V4 High Drive Density 1U Rackmount Mini-ITX Chassis with Re-Configurable Front Panel and Double Width, Extended Length PCI/PCI-E Support

C2-RACK-V4 1U Rackmount Mini-ITX Chassis
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Our own Mini-ITX compatible 1U case is constructed from Heavy-duty pre-plated SPGC cold-rolled steel, and was designed from the start to be as quiet, energy efficient and flexible as possible. The C2-RACK is by far the quietest rackmount we sell supporting multiple HDDs.

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Version 4 update adds additional 2.5in drive bay position in optical bay, longer spring mounted cage bolts and new re-branding plate option on rear. Version 3 update added extended length PCI/PCI-E card support (up to 395mm!), and our unique re-configurable front panel design.

Suitable for almost all Mini-ITX motherboards - boards with onboard processors with standard height heatsinks and boards with socket processors with low profile heatsinks can be fitted. The C2-RACK has flexible additional cooling and a very quiet and efficient 300W switching 110-240V power supply.

High Density: The C2-RACK is capable of a very high storage density: Up to 9 bootable devices can be fitted internally. 5x 3TB 3.5in drives would give 15TB of disk space.

Front Panel: Re-configurable panel to the left of the optical bay is provided with 2x USB 2.0 sockets and can be fitted with a blanking plate or optional Serial port. The right switch assembly consists of 3x Warning LEDs, 2x LAN LEDs, 1x HDD LED, 1x Power LED, Recessed Reset Switch, Flush Membrane-style Power Switch and 1x USB 2.0 Socket.

Mounting: The C2-RACK can be mounted directly using just the front ears using the Spring Mounted Cage Bolts or the provided Cage Nuts. For added stability in a 600mm deep rack, use the Fixed rear mounting brackets. For flexibility in a 600mm to 800mm deep rack, use the 20in sliding rails.

Dimensions: 427mm (16.81in) wide to fit in a standard 19in rack. 43.6mm (1.72in / 1U) high. Just 425.4mm (16.75in) deep. 7.92 litres volume.

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