CFI-A2060 Mini-ITX Chassis 400W (2x External HDD, 1x Internal HDD, 1x Optical Bay)

CFI-A2060 Mini-ITX Chassis
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2-Bay Mini-ITX/NAS Chassis suitable for all Mini-ITX motherboards. Featuring brushed-steel effect panels and high-gloss front, this case provides 2x hot-swap 3.5in SATA drive bays. One double-width full-height PCI or PCI-Express slot is also available which combined with the 80 Plus 400W PSU makes this case an ideal choice for a Mini-ITX powered gaming PC.

Bays: 2x 3.5in (or 2.5in) Hot-Swap Caddies; 1x 5.25in Optical Drive Bay; 1x Internal 3.5in HDD Bay (alternatively supports 2.5in HDD/SSD). 1x PCI or PCI-Express card.

Cooling: 120mm Illuminated (Blue) Front Fan, 1x 80mm Rear Fan.

Front Panel Controls: 1x Power Button; Power LED, HDD LED; 1x Headphone; 1x Microphone; 2x USB 2.0/3.0 (connects directly to motherboard back panel USB through cable egress point at rear of case).

Power supply: Internal 400W SFX 80 Plus Bronze PSU with 80mm cooling fan. UK power cord provided as standard. Power connectors: 1x 24pin ATX; 2x P4 12V; 1x 6pin PCI-Express 12V; 1x 2pin 12V; 2x Molex HDD; 5x SATA Power.

Building Tip: Gently push plastic optical drive bay blanking plate from rear with long screwdriver to remove plate. Connect optical drive power/data cables before sliding back into the tray.

Measurements: 214mm (W) x 219mm (H) x 348mm (D) (8.4in x 8.6in x 13.7in).
Volume: 16.31 litres

Supported boards: All Embedded (e.g. Atom, Celeron Bay Trail) Mini-ITX boards with ATX connectors; Intel Socket Mini-ITX boards with standard retail heatsinks, or AMD Socket Mini-ITX boards with low profile heatsinks (recent AMD heatsinks are lower).

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