Zotac D2550-ITX Wi-Fi Supreme 1.86GHz Atom Mini-ITX Board with onboard NVidia GT610 graphics

Zotac D2550-ITX Wi-Fi Supreme Mini-ITX Motherboard
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2GB DDR3 1333 SODIMM for D2550-ITX Wi-Fi Supreme
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4GB DDR3 1333 SODIMM for D2550-ITX Wi-Fi Supreme
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Available as part of our Zotac M350 Supreme Offer Bundle

Dual core 1.86GHz Atom D2550 processor and powerful but low energy consumption Next-Generation NVIDIA GT610 graphics processor featuring hardware video decode acceleration for Blu-ray 3D, streaming Internet video and native 1080p24 output: NVIDIA PureVideo™ HD technology; NVIDIA CUDA™ Ready; Adobe Flash Hardware Acceleration capable; Microsoft DirectX 11; Integrated 7.1 Audio and 802.11b/g/n WiFi & Bluetooth 3.0. Up to 8GB of DDR3 SODIMM RAM; Windows 7 Ready.

Rear Panel Connectors: PS2 Keyboard, 4x USB 2.0; DisplayPort; HDMI; DVI-I (adapter provided for VGA); 2x USB 3.0; Realtek RTL-8110SC Gigabit LAN; S/PDIF Optical Audio Out, 5x 3.5mm audio connectors, 2x Antenna Sockets for Wi-Fi.

Board connectors: 24pin ATX power connector and 4pin ATX 12V power connector (it is OK to connect with 20pin ATX, 4pin ATX is usually required*); PCI Express x16; Vertical Mini-PCI Express x1 (occupied by half-height Intel Centrino N-130 Wi-Fi card); mSATA connector (for mSATA SSDs - please read our important note below); 2x DDR3 SODIMM sockets; 2x SATA 3Gb/s; 2x USB 2.0 connectors on 9pin header; Audio header; S/PDIF header; Serial header; Power switch; Reset switch; 6x Board LEDs: BIOS jumper; 4pin CPU Fan; 4pin System Fan; FPANEL.

Package Contents: Motherboard, 2x SATA data cables; 1x I/O back plate; 2x WiFi antennas; 1x DVI to VGA adapter.

Cooling: The D2550-ITX Wi-Fi Supreme is cooled by an extremely quiet (and replaceable) 80mm fan, which sits on top of the heatsink.

Suitable picoPSUs: The picoPSU-80 and picoPSU-90 fit this board. Other picoPSU (including WI, M3-ATX, particularly XT) do not fit due to the close position of the primary SODIMM socket to the ATX connector. We recommend the 80W AC Adapter and picoPSU-90 combination for most installations. The P4 connector is not required with this particular board when using a picoPSU.

Suitable cases: The D2550-ITX Wi-Fi Supreme has a standard sized heatsink - all of our standard Mini-ITX cases (including the M350) will work. Slimline Optical Drive is not supported if C158-80W is used (due to SODIMM position). We have not yet tested the D2550-ITX Wi-Fi Supreme with any 1U chassis.

mSATA Note: mSATA disables SATA port 1 and is not possible with the WiFi card connected.

SSD Compatiblity: Not recommended for use with Sandisk Pulse SSDs.

Notes: The D2550-ITX Wi-Fi Supreme supports DDR3 SODIMM memory, up to 4GB per SODIMM. 8GB is supported and guaranteed to work. DDR3 is not compatible with DDR or DR2 memory. Fully tested DDR3 SODIMMs are available here.

Extended Warranty: Since Feb 2008, Zotac have provided an extended 5 year warranty on their motherboards. Please register with Zotac here within 28 days of purchase to qualify and for further details.

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