DN2800MTE 1.86GHz Fanless Dual Core Atom Thin-ITX Board with VGA and HDMI and mSATA support

DN2800MTE Fanless Atom Thin-ITX Board
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Add an mSATA drive:


DN2800MTE 'Cedar Trail' motherboard with extremely low "Thin-ITX" profile and passively-cooled dual core Intel Atom N2800 processor running at 1.86GHz and Intel NM10 Express chipset. Dual independent VGA and HDMI interfaces and internal LVDS connector; Up to 8GB of system memory (*see our note below regarding 64-bit video drivers); Intel 82574L Gigabit Ethernet Controller; 2+2 Channel Intel High Definition Audio (Realtek ALC888S audio codec); 8-channel (7.1) Intel High Definition Audio via the HDMI interface; PCI Express x1 and 2x Mini-PCI Express connectors.

Intel stopped producing motherboards under their own name in 2013. The same factory (ODM) continues to make these boards under licence from Intel. These boards are functionally and physically identical and with the same warranty, without the Intel logo.

OEM Unit complete with half-height and standard-height I/O shield; SATA cable, layout and back-panel stickers, product guide, Intel Express Installer driver and software DVD.

Rear Panel: 8-19V DC Input, 2x USB 2.0, Gigabit LAN, VGA, HDMI (both outputs support up to 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz), 2x High-current/fast charging USB ports, 3.5mm Analog line out and Mic In connectors.

DC Input: The DN2800MTE can be powered with a *regulated* 8-19V DC external power supply though the DC jack on the back panel board or via the internal 1 x 2 power connector. Not suitable for use connected directly to a battery or variable voltage. Compatible Universal AC Adapters:

Board Connectors: Internal power connector (1 x 2 pin); 2x DDR3 SODIMM sockets; 2x 9pin USB headers for 4x USB 2.0 ports; 2x SATA 3Gb/s data connectors; 1x SATA power connector; Custom Solutions header; Debug connector; DMIC header; 1x Serial port header; Parallel port header; Front panel audio header; Internal stereo speakers connector; 1x S/PDIF output header; Front panel header; System fan header; Standby power LED; BIOS Setup configuration jumper block.

Board Connectors (Expansion): PCI Express Full/Half-Mini card slot (supports mSATA), PCI Express Half-Mini Card slot, PCI Express 1.0a x1 connector.

SATA ports: SATA port 1 is multiplexed with mSATA. Up to 2 devices can be fitted (2x HDD or 1x HDD and 1x mSATA).

Board Connectors (Flat Panel): Backlight inverter voltage selection header, Flat panel voltage selection header, FPD brightness connector, LVDS connector, 40pin eDP (Embedded DisplayPort) connector (on underside of board).

Intel GMA 3650 Graphics: 640 MHz core frequency; High quality texture engine: DX9.3 and OpenGL 3.0 compliant, Hardware Pixel Shader 4.1, Vertex Shader Model 4.1; Video: Blu-ray 2.0, H.264 & VC1 hardware decoder, PAVP 1.1c, HDCP1.3.

Multiple Graphics Outputs: The DN2800MTE can simultaneously support up to two of the three integrated graphics interfaces: VGA, HDMI, and Flat Panel Display. Flat Panel Display is supported by eDP and LVDS interfaces, however only one can be used at a time.

Suitable cases (without PSU): The following enclosures come without an internal PSU and are fully compatible with the DN2800MTE: M5X or the M350 (AC Adapter required).

*M350 & PCI Express x1 Support: The M350 Enclosure supports a PCI Express x1 card with this board. Choose the 'PCI Express x1 Riser Card and I/O Shield for DN2800MTE and M350 Chassis' option on the left.

Suitable cases (with PSU): Other enclosures with a PSU can be used if the internal PSU is bypassed altogether. If multiple drives are to be fitted then additional Molex or SATA splitter cables may be required. Please contact us if you have a specific requirement. You will require an external 12V AC Adapter.

Drivers: DN2800MTE product and driver pages.

*Support for 64-bit OS and 8GB Memory: This board operates in 64-bit mode and can address 8GB of memory. Intel's official support for this board is limited to 32-bit Windows (which can only address 3.5GB memory). No 64-bit video drivers are available, so 64-bit installations will have limited screen resolutions and no video acceleration. Screenshot of Linux operating in 64-bit mode here.

Memory Notes: The DN2800MTE supports up to 8GB DDR3/L 1600/1333/1066 memory running at 1066MHz on 2x DDR3 SODIMMs. This is not compatible with DDR/DDR2 memory. Fully tested DDR3 SODIMMs are available here.

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