Jetway JNC9KDL-2550 Fanless Dual Core Atom Mini-ITX Board with Dual LAN and VGA, HDMI

Jetway JNC9KDL-2550 Dual LAN Fanless Mini-ITX Board
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Replaces the JNC9KDL-2700

Extremely versatile Jetway JNC9KDL-2550-LF Dual Core 1.86GHz Cedar Trail Intel Atom D2550 powered Mini-ITX motherboard with Fanless operation, Intel NM10 Chipset, Integrated Graphics and VIA VT1705 6-Channel Audio Codec. Supports up to 4GB of DDR3 SODIMM memory (*see our note below regarding 64-bit video drivers and 8GB support). Ports available include: 2x Realtek RTL8111EVL 10/100/1000 Base-T Gigabit LAN, 2x SATA 3Gb/s, 32-bit PCI slot.

Long Life: Product availability forecasted at least to End 2014, provisionally to End 2016.

Rear Panel Connectors: PS/2 Keyboard; PS/2 Mouse; 1x HDMI Port; 2x 10/100/1000 Realtek RTL8111EVL Gigabit LAN; 4x USB 2.0; 1x VGA Port; 3x 3.5mm Audio (Line-in; Mic-In; Stereo-Out).

Board connectors: 1x 24pin ATX Connector (works with 20pin or 24pin); 2x DDR3 SODIMM slots (2x 2GB max); 2x SATA 3Gb/s ports; 2x 9pin USB Connectors for 4x additional USB 2.0 Ports; 1x RS232 COM (Serial) Header; 1x Parallel Header; 1x 24bit single channel LVDS; 1x inverter; 1x Audio; 1x Front-Panel Connector; 1x CPU Fan; 1x Chassis Fan Connector.

Expansion: 1x 32-bit PCI slot.

Suitable cases & power supplies: The JNC9KDL-2550-LF has a standard sized heatsink and can be powered by 20pin and 24pin ATX power connectors. Compatible with all our picoPSUs and Mini-ITX cases, apart from the JC200 and JC203.

C1/C2/C3-RACK compatibility: Backplates are available designed for use with the C1-RACK, C2-RACK and C3-RACK (Dynatron K2 1U Side blower heatsink recommended).

Box contents: Motherboard, Manual, Driver CD, I/O shield, 2x SATA data cables, Serial port to pin header cable, 40mm CPU/Chipset Fan (optional but manufacturer recommended, does not add to the maximum height of the board).

Operating/Storage: 0~40 centigrade operating temperature. -20~85 centigrade storage temperature.

Cooling: This board will get quite warm under load and is provided with an optional 40mm fan. Successful motherboard and case cooling is a combination of external environment, internal airflow, heatsink size, chassis design and workload. We recommend always connecting any existing case fans, and suggest adding the optional fan if using a fanless case with this board (such as the M350 or Thin Client cases).

*Support for 64-bit OS and 8GB Memory: This board operates in 32-bit mode only and officially only supports 4GB. Intel's support for this chipset is limited to 32-bit Windows (which can only address 3.5GB memory). However the board will address 8GB of memory (as 2x 4GB DDR3 SODIMMs), and 64-bit support is enabled in the BIOS. Please note though that as no 64-bit video drivers are available, 64-bit installations will use generic drivers meaning limited screen resolutions and no video acceleration.

Memory Notes: The JNC9KDL-2550 uses DDR3 or DDR3L SODIMM memory running at 1066MHz. This is not compatible with other types of memory. Fully tested DDR3 SODIMMs are available here. If using only one SODIMM, insert into SODIMM slot 2 (the lower slot).

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