M2-ATX 160W Intelligent Wide Input 6-24V Vehicle/Battery DC-DC Power Supply

M2-ATX Vehicle DC-DC Power Supply, 6-24V 160W
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You may also require (see notes*)

Short Molex to P4 Power Cable
  £4.20 inc. VAT
  IN STOCK (Checked 07:58 GMT)

12V P4 to 12V P4 Power Extension Cable
  £3.00 inc. VAT
  IN STOCK (Checked 07:58 GMT)

AC/DC Barrel Connector Cable (useful for testing with one of our AC Adapters)
  £4.20 inc. VAT
  IN STOCK (Checked 07:58 GMT)

Designed to provide power and to control the ON/OFF switch of a motherboard (PC) based on ignition status, M2-ATX is a wide input (6-24V) vehicle or general purpose battery powered application DC-DC ATX power supply capable of surviving tough car engine cranks (down to 5.7V) as well as transient over-voltage situations.

8 user selectable microcontroller driven timing modes, allowing you to choose up to 8 ignition/shutdown vehicle / car timing schemes. While in deep sleep mode, M2-ATX constantly monitors your car battery voltage levels, automatically shutting down until battery levels reach safe levels.

M2-ATX comes equipped with ATX, Molex HDD, SATA HDD and Floppy cable harness, jumpers, faston connectors and 2 pin cables for motherboard ON/OFF switch. Just connect it to your 12V or 24V car/boat/RV battery and power up your PC.

Designed to work with your own projects or the VoomPC and VoomPC 2, but is also a direct size compatible replacement with Morex 26xx, 27xx, 36xx, Travla C134, C150, C158, C159, Compact Wall Mount cases. Dimensions: 45mm x 160mm (1.77in x 6.31in). 160W Output - ideal for Socket Mini-ITX boards. Not compatible with EPIA PD boards.

*Notes: If your board has a 4 pin 12V P4 power connector, you will need add a Molex to 12V P4 Power Cable or 12V P4 to 12V P4 Power Extension Cable.

Product Manual (PDF)

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