M5X Compact Mini-ITX Enclosure

Mini-ITX M5X Universal Mini-ITX Enclosure
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The M5X is a Compact Mini-ITX Enclosure that is capable of housing both embedded and socket Mini-ITX boards whilst measuring just 63 x 192 x 196mm (2.3 litres). The M5X is perfect for pairing with fanless motherboards due to its well-ventilated design. Auxillary cooling is possible by using up to 4x additional 40mm cooling fans.


  • Solid Steel frame construction with strong Black ABS front panel.
  • Highly Vented Design.
  • 2x 2.5in HDD (or 1x 3.5in HDD with Thin-ITX)
  • Desktop/Wall Mountable
  • Supports Embedded boards

Many accessories available:

  • Low profile 115X Fans
  • Quiet 40mm Fans
  • VESA mounting screws
  • Rear panel serial port

Provided without a power supply. Many plug in DC-DC PSUs and AC Adapters are available, or use with a motherboard with embedded DC PSU.

Drive Bays: Up to 2x 2.5in HDD/SSD (or 1x 3.5in HDD) mounted on tray above the motherboard; Drive tray has three mounting positions to maximise motherboard compatibility. 3.5in drive compatibility is limited to Thin-ITX motherboards. If using 2x 2.5in drives, you will need the Molex to SATA Power Connector Cable in the "you may also require" section.

Front Panel: Power Switch, Blue Power or HDD LED. 2x USB 2.0 ports.

Rear Panel: 5.5mm hole for DC Input socket, Punch-out for Serial port (DB9) connector (Serial port on header cable required).

Underneath: Punch-outs for 100 x 100 VESA mounting (VESA mounting screws required).

Mounting: Rubber Feet for Desktop use and Wall Mount Brackets provided.

Choosing a Power Supply: Select your external AC Adapter and internal power supply (picoPSU) according to your motherboard and processor requirements. Typically an Atom board or Socket board with 35W TDP CPU are paired with a picoPSU-90 and 80W AC Adapter. A Socket board with larger TDP CPU is typically paired with a picoPSU-150/160-XT and 150W AC Adapter.

Building Tips: Some serial port hoods may need to be modified if fitted next to the internal DC board. The internal DC board can be fitted on the opposite side of the case if motherboard components allow.

Cooling: Highly vented design often does not require additional cooling. Fitting of up to 4x 40x10mm internal fans into side panel is possible. The actual amount of fans that can be fitted depends on the number of fan headers available and the space above your choice of motherboard.

Integration Notes: Supplied in a brown OEM box.

Supported Boards: All Embedded Mini-ITX boards (Celeron etc), and any Socket Mini-ITX boards which can be fitted with a low profile heatsink. Please note that Intel 35W TDP retail processors are provided with a suitable low-profile heatsink.

Low Profile Heatsink Support: The M5X supports socket Mini-ITX boards which can be fitted with a low profile heatsink. Up to 2x 2.5in drives can be fitted with these heatsinks.

Not Supported: Socket boards with standard retail box heatsinks (use a low profile heatsink such as the 7106HP).

Noctua NH-L9i/a only with M.2: The M5X can be used with the a Socket Mini-ITX board fitted with a Noctua NH-L9i/NH-L9a-AM4 cooler if M.2 storage is used. 2.5in drives (even 7mm) will not fit.

Building Tip: Remove the front panel first by unscrewing the 2 motherboard screws and 2 screws either side of the panel. Note the position of the panel mounting tabs and rubber spacers before proceeding.

Alternate version: M5XP available, bundled with an silent integrated 80W internal DC-DC power supply and external 60W 12V AC Adapter and UK power cord.

Measurements: 62(H) x 192(W) x 196(D) mm. Volume: 2.3 litres.

Model Mini-ITX M5X
Case Type Compact
Colour Black
Fans Supported 4x 40mm Rear
CPU Cooler 40mm Max height
USB Connectors 2
2x USB 2.0 Type A Front
Port Cut-Outs
  • DB9
Power Supply
Form Factor 2.5/5.5mm DC Input PSU supported
W x D x H 192 x 196 x 62 mm
Volume 2.33 litres