NAS6 Mini-ITX NAS Chassis with 6x Removable HDD Bays and 350W PSU

Mini-ITX NAS6 Mini-ITX NAS Chassis with 6x Removable HDD Bays and 350W PSU
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The 6 Bay NAS Chassis 350W, in black, has a solidly constructed steel chassis and 6 individually lockable hot-swap/removable drive bays suitable for either 2.5in or 3.5in hard drives.

Bays: 6x 2.5/3.5in SATA HDD/SDD in Lockable Hot-Swap/Removable Caddies.

Cooling: 1x 80mm x 80mm x 25mm Rear Fan with fan guard.

Front Panel: Power Button; Reset Button; Power and Storage Activity LEDs; Each Drive Caddy has Power and Activity Indicators.

Power Supply: 100-240V Universal 80 PLUS Bronze 350 Watt SFX power supply with quiet 90mm fan. UK power cord provided as standard. Power connectors: 1x 20/24pin ATX; 1x 4+4pin 12V P4; 1x Molex HDD. Available but typically unused: 3x SATA; 1x 6+2pin PCI-E; 1x 8pin PCI-E. A Molex HDD to 3x Molex cable adapter is provided to power 3x SATA backplanes at the rear of the 6x drive bays. Other SFX PSUs can be fitted if required (max depth 100mm).

Supported Boards: All Embedded (e.g. Celeron, Atom) Mini-ITX boards with ATX connectors; Socket Mini-ITX boards fitted with heatsinks up to 40mm.

PCI/PCI-E Note: Cards or PCI mounted ports only up to 10cm depth are supported, due to location of drive bays across front of case.

Recommended Boards: To fully utilise all drive bays we recommend using a board with at least 7 storage ports including an M.2 slot for a boot drive. Many other boards with 4x, 5x and 6x storage connectors are available (check the number of SATA ports on each board as our count includes m2 and msata).

Recommended Build Process: Remove both sides. Unscrew and slide out the SFX PSU from the rear then connect the 3x Molex adapter to the SATA backplane and to the Molex connector on the PSU loom. Tuck this cable and also the unused PCI-E cables into the cavity above the drive cage, then push and screw the PSU back into place (it is tight squeeze). Just the ATX and P4+4 power cables should then be available. Prepare your motherboard (RAM, M2, CPU, heatsink etc.). Connect your SATA cables to the SATA backplane, then to your motherboard. Connect power switch and LED to motherboard. You may test at this point. Slide in the board from the side and close the chassis.

Supported Boards: All Embedded (e.g. Celeron) Mini-ITX boards with ATX connectors; Socket Mini-ITX boards can be used if fitted with low profile <=40mm heatsink. Most boxed Intel/AMD CPUs will require a low profile heatsink.

Measurements: 214mm (W) x 216mm (H) x 296mm (D) (8.43in x 8.5in x 11.65in). Volume: 13.68 litres.

Model Mini-ITX 6 Bay NAS Chassis 350W
Case Type NAS Chassis
Colour Black
Bays 6
Bay 1 1x 2.5in or 1x 3.5in
Bay 2 1x 2.5in or 1x 3.5in
Bay 3 1x 2.5in or 1x 3.5in
Bay 4 1x 2.5in or 1x 3.5in
Bay 5 1x 2.5in or 1x 3.5in
Bay 6 1x 2.5in or 1x 3.5in
CPU Cooler 40mm Max height
Power Supply
Included Yes
Power 350W
Size SFX
W x D x H 214 x 296 x 216 mm
Volume 13.68 litres