M350 Universal Mini-ITX Enclosure

Mini-ITX M350 Universal Enclosure
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The M350 Universal Mini-ITX Enclosure measures just 62 x 192 x 210mm (2.5 litres) and is capable of housing both embedded and socket Mini-ITX boards. Fanless operation possible using natural air convection through hundreds of tiny holes for CPUs with TDP < 10W; CPU Fan only operation possible for CPUs with TDP <= 65W.

Solid Steel frame construction with strong removable black plastic front panel (removed by unscrewing and drawing back the case lid slightly).

Provided without a power supply. Many plug in DC-DC PSUs and AC Adapters are available, or use with a motherboard with embedded DC PSU.

Many additional accessories available including: 2nd HDD drive plate; Wall mounting bracket; VESA mounting screws; VESA/Wall mounting bracket; DIN mounting kit; Many power supply options. All available in the 'you may also require' section to the left.

Drive Bays: 1x 2.5in HDD or SSD on Tray above the motherboard (two positions possible); Optional additional 2.5in HDD/SSD Tray (in alternate position - only if space allows); Several additional mounting options.

Front Panel: Power Switch, Blue Power or HDD LED.

Behind Front Panel: 2x USB 2.0 connectors at right angle with enough space for USB memory sticks or USB Wi-Fi/Bluetooth cards. Power button can be disabled by removing a jumper. Pulse generator can be activated with another jumper that will start your board after power loss, regardless of BIOS setting (most boards compatible). Space inside case for 40mm x 10mm case fan if required.

Measurements: 62(H) x 192(W) x 210(D) mm. Volume: 2.5 litres.

Cooling: Highly vented design often does not require additional cooling. At least 1 and up to 5 internal fans are possible: 1x 40mm x 40mm x 20mm deep fan can always be fitted behind the front panel; 2x 40mm x 40mm x 10mm deep fans can often be fitted onto each HDD/Fan Bracket (1 bracket provided as standard). The actual amount of fans that can be fitted depends on the number of fan headers available and the space above your choice of motherboard.

Supported Boards: All Embedded Mini-ITX boards (e.g. Celeron) and any Socket Mini-ITX boards which can be fitted with a low profile heatsink. Intel 35W TDP retail processors are provided with a suitable low-profile heatsink. Select your power supply according to your motherboard and provessor requirements (typically 60W/80W AC and picoPSU-80/picoPSU-90 for Embedded boards (or socket boards with 35W TDP CPU), 150W or larger AC/picoPSU-150 or larger for Socket boards.

Boards NOT Supported: Socket boards with standard height heatsinks. The Gigabyte E350N motherboard is supported, but the USB connectors behind the front panel of the M350 cannot be fitted due to close proximity of the picoPSU and USB header cable.

Integration Notes: Supplied in a brown OEM box. Area on front panel can be fitted with sticker allowing system integrators to re-brand the unit.

Measurements: 62(H) x 192(W) x 210(D) (2.7 x 7.6 x 8.3in)
Volume: 2.5 litres.

Model Mini-ITX M350 Universal Enclosure
Case Type Compact
Colour Black
Fans Supported 1x 40mm Rear
CPU Cooler 40mm Max height
USB Connectors 2
2x USB 2.0 Type A Front
Power Supply
Form Factor DC 2.5/5.5 PSU supported
W x D x H 192 x 210 x 62 mm
Volume 2.5 litres