C64x Retro Keyboard Chassis & N100DC-ITX Bundles

Create your own bundle of a Commodore C64x Retro Keyboard Mini-ITX Chassis with built-in 71 Key Mechanical Keyboard with "Clicky" Cherry MX Blue Switches, combined with a Fanless ASRock N100DC-ITX Motherboard, External AC Adapter, Memory and Storage.

Everything you need to create a working system. Supplied as components or we can build and test your C64x for you, with a free 2 year RTB warranty included. If choosing components, we recommend reading the product page carefully to understand what is involved. This is one of the easiest systems to put together.

Choose from Classic Original Beige or a range of Limited Edition 'Chameleon' Colour Schemes: VIC-20, C16 (Black), White, Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Translucent RGB.

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1 Motherboard

Fanless Mini-ITX board with a capable Intel N100 4C4T Alder Lake-N 6W TDP processor, up to 32GB DDR4 RAM, 4K@60Hz HDMI 2.1, 1080p VGA, PCIe3.0 M.2, 2x SATA 6Gb/s, 1Gb LAN, USB 3.2. Windows 10, 11 and Linux Compatible. A DC-input means a picoPSU is not required.

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2 C64x Case

Select your C64x colour

3 Memory
4 M.2 Storage

The N100DC-ITX has a type 2280 M.2 storage drive slot, giving fast PCIe Gen3x2 speed storage.

5 2.5in Storage

2.5in drives can be mounted in the lower HDD bay or in the upper DVD drive bay with an adapter.

6 3.5in Storage

There are 2 ways of fitting a 3.5in drive: 1. By removing the drive tray and screwing from underneath (a 2.5in drive can also be informally positioned in empty space). 2. If a 2.5in drive is positioned in a DVD slot adapter, 4x M3 10mm screws can be used to attach a 3.5in drive from underneath.

7 DVD Slot Adapter

The DVD slot is open in the C64x as standard. The slot can be used to feed cables in/out, or you may prefer to fit this adapter to utilise the space.

8 AC Adapter

For most purposes the 80W AC Adapter is the best choice for the N100DC-ITX.

9 Power Cord
10 Cooling
11 Operating System

Genuine Windows DVD and licence key. If installing yourself, we recommend downloading the latest version from Microsoft and installing from a USB stick, then registering with the key.

12 Components or Pre-Assembled?