picoPSU-120 12V Plug-in DC-DC ATX PSU *5 Year Warranty*

picoPSU-120 12V
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The picoPSU-120 plugs directly into a motherboard ATX connector and measures just 43 x 20 x 31 mm - about the size of two AA batteries. The picoPSU-120 generates up to 120 Watts of power from a 12V DC supply, at over 96% efficiency. An attached cable harness provides:

  • 20pin ATX Connector
  • SATA Power Connector
  • Molex (ATA) HDD Power
  • Molex Floppy Power

Legacy Device: Although this unit is still available, the picoPSU-90, picoPSU-150-XT and picoPSU-160-XT may be better choices for you.

Compatibility: The picoPSU-120 can power all our Mini-ITX boards e.g. Celeron but also earlier Geode, C3, C7, Atom and Fusion processors. Additionally most lower power consumption Mini-ITX boards with Intel and AMD processors up to around 65W TDP can be powered. More powerful picoPSUs offer more headroom for additional devices. If you are considering using with a board not on our site, please email us to check compatibility.

12V AC Adapter Required: You will need a 12V AC Adapter to use this picoPSU. Please read their product listings to determine which is most suitable for you. Compatible Universal AC Adapters:

*The 2.5/5.5mm Jack can be replaced with the more robust 4-pin Mini-DIN connector that is supplied with our 150W and 192W AC Adapters.

Adding more SATA drives: The picoPSU-120 has one SATA connector and a Molex connector. To power more SATA drives use a Molex to SATA or 2x SATA cable.

P4 Power Connectors: If your board has a 4-pin 12V P4 power connector, you will need to use a Molex to 12V P4 Power Cable, or a picoPSU-90 or 150/160-XT.

Long Life: The picoPSU-120 with Mini-Fit JR is marked for long life production and is guaranteed to have a life cycle of 5 years or more.

Notes: Not suitable for use with batteries, unstable power sources or voltages other than 12V.

CE / FCC / VCCI Certifications: EN55024, EN55022 Class B (CE certification), Australia/New Zealand (using CISPR 22, EN55022), Japan (VCCI: using CISPR 22, ANSI C63.4), United States (FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Class B), Canada (ICES-003 using CISPR 22, ANSI C63.4).

5 Year Warranty*: We are so confident in the build quality of our genuine picoPSUs that from June 1st 2016 we now offer a 5 year warranty when the picoPSU-120 is purchased together with one of our AC Adapters (currently 60W - 192W). Offer applies when being used to power appropriate rated components only with our AC Adapters. Please contact us if you are unsure what combination to purchase.

Installation Guide (PDF)

Brand Pico
Model picoPSU-120 12V
Form Factor ATX picoPSU
Power Supply
Output Power 120W
Input Voltage 12V
Connectors2.5/5.5mm 305mm
Output Voltage 12V
Connectors20-pin ATX
ATA HDD Power 180mm
SATA Power 285mm
Floppy Power 380mm
Operating Temperature -20℃ - 85℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ - 90℃
W x L x H 43 x 20 x 31 mm
Weight 57g
Manufacturer's Warranty
Duration 60* months
  • 100% Silent Operation
  • Low Heat Dissipation (with efficiency over 96%)
  • 1U Compliant
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