The "AMD Case"
By Alex "Qtip42" Wiley
Posted on October 7, 2003



I made the AMD case in the spring of 2003 after a friend, BMCreider, showed me a picture of the AMD logo as a computer case. So of course I had to make one similar. It was a pretty quick job only taking about two weeks to complete. A jigsaw and dremel were all I needed to cut the pieces and some acrylic cement to put it together.

All it took was a little planning and some drawings in CAD to get me started. I planned to use a Mini-ITX board from the beginning simply because it kept the case small and the total cost down. The irony of having a C3 CPU inside an AMD case makes most people cringe. I would have increased the size of the motherboard to Micro-ATX but the size of the entire case would also increase to keep the dimensions of the logo correct. I wasn't about to build a 22-27" high AMD logo just to fit a motherboard
that used an AMD processor.

The one thing I didn't do in this case was make a nice interior structure. I kept it as simple as possible though it could have been much more upgradeable. The green acrylic was only 1/8" and isn't nearly as strong as it should be. My main resource for acrylic didn't stock anything thicker.

The front is simple with a cutout for the CDROM and a large Bulgin power button. Though not pictured above, the CD sized circle behind it in the final picture is a platter from an old hard drive.

To keep the door on, I opted for magnets glued to the acrylic. It was an easy way to take on and off the door but there are much better alternatives.

The final product, with the chrome highlights, made the case look wonderful. Though this doesn't stand up to the other stuff I've made, it definitely attracts attention from the AMD fans.