The "HTPC"
By Clarre Strand
Posted on July 20, 2002
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Clarre Strand in Sweden has created a great looking custom case in the shape of a 1/10 size Ford Focus Rally Car! Along with the usual construction guide, we've included many hi-res pictures in the HTPC Gallery.

Do you have a Mini-ITX based project we should be seeing here?


  1. Choosing the Shell
  2. The Chassis
  3. Fitting the Wheels
  4. Fixing the Shell to the Chassis
  5. Fitting the Motherboard, CD and PSU
  6. Raising the Height of the PSU
  7. Testing

1. Choosing the Shell

My latest project is a HTPC with a Mini-ITX motherboard at its core. I wanted to build my own case for it. A lot of my ideas came from the original GTRPC site, although for that BlueSmurf used a 1/8 scale car and this one is 1/10 scale. Editors note: BlueSmurf's later Mini-ITX based Project Jellybean is also 1/10 scale.

I chose a car like this:

This is the shell for my HTPC. The shell is only 40 (15" 3/4) x 20 (7" 7/8) x 13cm (5" 1/4) high.

The shell from another angle. I cut out spaces for the wheels and trimmed the body so that I could mark out the chassis.

2. The Chassis

The chassis. I cut it out with a jigsaw.

The shell on the chassis. It's a nice fit. Now on to the wheel mounting.