The "Moo Cow Moo"
July 14, 2004

When we herd about Stanley Maynard's Mini-ITX masterpiece we were mooved - we thought it was a thing of udderbovine beauty. Having been raised on a dairy farm, Stanley had a steak in getting this cowmputer just right. Barning no setbacks, Stanley milked it for all it was worth. He cut into this project with complete veal, no calf-measures here. Not to toot his own horn, he could easily have butchered this project, but his perserverance hayed off. Old McDonald would be proud - this veally gets our stampede of approval. You could say his project is truly out standing in its field.

Hoove you created a project as good or even butter than this? Why not send it to us? We actually like this kind of stuff...

Stan "The Man" Maynard's "Moo Cow Moo"

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