The "Biscuit Tin PC"
By Tipu
Posted on June 5, 2003
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After searching around the house for something to stuff an ITX board into I came across this Biscuit tin. Now not very original you may think. But hey it's ALUMINIUM!... The equivalent sized case would cost me ££'s at least.

Th tin itself is very flashy as it's not your normal run of the mill but rather one of those special edition tin's that we Brits normally get around christmas. I liked the label on top so much that I left it on. It really brings home the fact that this is no ordinary PC to whoever observes it.


VIA EPIA 800 Board
Toshiba 40Gb 2.5" HDD
2 Line Blue VFD
Morex PSU Kit
Runs XP Pro & Redhat Linux Pro 8.0
Hi-Brightness Blue LED's
Chrome Faced Power & Reset Switch.


The guts of the system, as you can see it get's very cramped in 235mm x 195mm Biscuit tin. I've removed the original Epia Fan & Heatsink & replaced it with a Zalman Chipset Heatsink & Ultra-Slim VGA card fan that I ripped out of a Radeon. The fan is running at the lowest speed possible using a Zalman FanMate 1 controller which is in the bottom left hand of the pic above. Both the PSU & VFD required cables to be routed to the back.

Hard Drive mounted on the top, And that's the DIY Fanguard next to it.

An extensive array of inputs considering the minute size.

Aerial View... This is probably my favourite shot...It brings out the shine of the tin

The biscuits expired in Oct 02. And they're probably radioactive by now!