The "HTPC2"
By Clarre Strand
Posted on January 21, 2003
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Clarre Strand in Sweden (creator of the Ford Focus HTPC) has created another custom case inside a scale model of (what else) a Volvo S40...

The chassis and the fastener for the wheels. I used another PSU in this car and now it will stay in its shell. I think it's safer that way.

Another view of the PSU. You can also see the hole I made for the cable connection. I have to make a plate for the connectors for Monitor, S-Video, USB, Network, Sound and PS/2

Now I put the body on for testing (if it fits together with the chassis)... it fits pretty well I think.

Another picture of the body/chassis fit test. This time with the spoiler mounted, and the front and rear bracket for the body is there.

The plate for the connectors to Monitor, S-Video, USB, Network, Sound and PS/2. Under construction. It will be placed in the rear of the car, for easy attach of the cables.