The "LunchboxPC"
By fathertom
Posted on September 30, 2002
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My Schematics

As you can see I didn't stick to these but I always uses these only as reassurance that I can actually fit it inside the box. Had to switch the mobo and the HD places because of the Handle so these are wrong. That box on the left hand side is the power supply.

The Untouched Lunchbox

As you can see it's bigger then my head. It's 12"X8"X3". They don't make them that big in America so I got it imported. I choose Batman because - well because Winnie the Pooh isn't my style. Pretty sturdy box, don't see who needs a lunchbox this big but glad they make them anyway.

Power Supply

150 watt power supply. Flex-ATX style. Smaller then super sized fries. This power supply is pretty nice and doesn't get too hot. Although I wanted to use custom screws to hold it in and because of the PCB board placement on the inside I couldn't. Oh well.

VIA Motherboard

This is my new Mini-ITX motherboard. It comes onboard with TV-out, sound, video, C3 800mghz processor and up to 1gig of ram. Takes a standard ATX power supply which is nice. What you'll notice if you look close is no FDD controller. Oh well, didn't want floppy anyway. Only twice the size of Big Red basically - that is damn sweet.

Hard Drive

As you can see the 2.5 inch 10 gig IBM drive is not even bigger then a Coke can. That wired adapter you see is to go from the standard 44 pin laptop drive to the 40 pin IDE cable. The drive is only 4200 rpm and that kind of sucks, but I'm cheap like that. Also you might see me using a lot of name products to show scale, That just so you can marvel at home at the size not because I care about the products.

The Ports

Basically a Quick rundown of the ports from right to left;

PS2(mouse/keyboard), Parallel port, VGA port, S-video, RCA video/ S/P-Dif, Ethernet port, USB x 2, Serial, Sound out/in/Mic