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The "800Mhz Teadybear"
By David "Dadde" Windeståhl - Posted on 17 October 2003


I have a wonderful girlfriend that needed a computer now that school had started again (thumbs down). So I gave her my old EPIA 800. I asked her what she wanted the computer in and she said that she wanted it in something "nice". A teddybear? I asked - she thought that was a nice idea! So I started looking for a teddybear in the right size. I searched all the toy stores but didn’t find anything good. So I thought: Let's take a smaller teddybear and make a larger body! This worked perfectly - my girlfriend had a teddybear that was the right size to change the new body onto.

Time to start!

I’m not a master with the needle but my mother gave me some tips. First I started removing the arms, head and feet from the teddybear.

Poor teddy! - You are going to feel just fine with your new artificial body.

This is how I made the boxes for the PSU, HD and motherboard. Yeah I know - nice drawing skills! I built it this way because the HD and PSU generated the most heat and therefore needed the best cooling. The HD and PSU box is cooled by an 80x80mm temperature controlled LED fan. The boxes are held together by duck tape!

Here are the boxes with a bit of the new teddybear fur on it. This way I measured how big the body had to be.

Testing how the teddy bear is going to look.

The I/O Panel, and the problem of how to make a nice looking solution.

The hole for the fan and power supply done.

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