Mini-ITX at Robotica 2003
By Fernando Riberio, Spain
Posted on June 12, 2003
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Fernando Riberio is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial Electronics at the University of Minho in Portugal. In May his HUMAN team of Mini-ITX powered robots went to Robotica 2003 in Lisbon to play football using components purchased from our very own store...

Here's his match report.

Our robots weight 40Kg each and are very fast..

The motherboard is inside an acrylic transparent box. Attached to the 2 slot PCI riser card is a wireless network card and a frame grabber.

We worked very hard at the competition (day and night). The robots can play now, but we didn't participate in official games, just friendly games. We had some problems with the motors - we drove them very hard and they got extremely hot.

This is a photo of our server "MIGALHAS". We didn't have a proper box and we were in a hurry to have it built, therefore we used a bakery basket (YES, I AM NOT JOKING). One of my students' father owns a bakery and we gave us some baskets to carry stuff. One of those baskets was immediately appropriated for the server. The motorbike battery lasts for about 3:30 hours.

Our team with the MIGALHAS server.

The 3 robots fully equipped and ready to play!

Working/programming on the pitch.

Working on the robot.