The "Playstation2 PC"
By Jason Lawton
Posted on October 29, 2002
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Jason Lawson managed to cram most of his EPIA 800 (bar a few stragglers) into a Playstation 2 case. The cunning fox didn't dismember a working model though, he found an unwanted case on the global bric-a-brac and occasional internal organ sales site, ebay. There - it looks like we've got most of the consoles covered now...

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The Project

Here is the original case that I got on ebay for $25.

There was a thin layer of metal inside the PS2 case, I suppose for cooling or whatnot, but I removed it because I had a lot of cutting to do, and I was worried about shorting the motherboard out.

Here's a picture of how I would weigh things down when I was glueing them onto the inside of the case. This is a plastic riser that I cut off the case before-hand, and now I'm re-affixing it to the case to be used as a support for the motherboard.

Things went along pretty quickly after that. Here is the motherboard sitting in the case. The hard drive is located below the mobo on the left, and the DVD drive is located on the right.