The "SpacePanel"
By Bart Banaan, Netherlands
Posted on June 29, 2002
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With the amount of interest it generated, we couldn't let Bart "SpaceCase" Banaan get away with just one feature. And with the rise in popularity amongst the tweaking and modding community of the LCD, Bart has written a guide to fitting an external LCD to your PC. With his usual attention to detail, Bart has created a beautiful PlexiGlass stand to mount it on - and you won't believe how easy that is to make!


  1. The DataVision Graphic LCD Screen
  2. The Wiring Diagram
  3. The LCD Connection Cable
  4. Connecting the Headers to the LCD
  5. Connecting the Backlight
  6. Installing the Software
  7. Testing the LCD
  8. Making the PlexiGlass Stand
  9. Mounting the LCD Display
  10. The Finished Product
  11. Bill of Materials

1. The DataVision Graphic LCD screen

The front of the 240 x 128 pixel DataVision DG-24128 Graphic LCD screen.

The reverse, with the 20 connector pins on the bottom right. On the left in the middle you can see the 2 pins for the backlight connector.