The "Encyclomedia"
By Marco Venezia, Milan, Italy
Posted on July 7, 2005


Why did I start this project?

Simple, I wanted a PC connected to the TV, to watch DVDs (and DivX). The problem was my mother, who didnt like the idea of having a grey pc in her "beautiful living room".

So, I had to hide the PC somehow, and I needed Mini-ITX!

Parts List

• VIA Nehemiah EPIA M 10000 Motherboard
• 230V AC Adapter and 12V DC-DC Converter
• Maxtor 40GB HDD
• DVD Drive
• Floppy Drive
• Streamzap Remote Control


First of all, I needed a wooden frame, only two sides, nothing else.

The motherboard was simple to mount, on the upper side of the frame.

I attached the DVD, Floppy drive and Hard Disk with Velro pads.

To let air better circulate, I had to modify the IDE cables.

I used a third wooden panel to close the case, then covered it with white paper.

Everything is connected, and the case is completed, take a look:

I took a fake library, composed by Polistirolo (is this the right word?)
I emptied it.

I had to do it:

Now, my mother can't say anything. I got my PC, and she kept her nice living-room. I won!

No mouse, no keyboard, everything is controlled by remote.