The "Micro-TV"
By Ingo Niestroj
Posted on July 18, 2005
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When I saw the first creations on this website I thought neat, I can do that too.

I got the Epia-M main board, a 40 G Hard drive, 512 MB RAM, a mini power supply (Sparkle Power Inc.- FSP150-50PL-B) and a DVD/CDRW combo and started making plans. These plans included my son who is a designer in Toronto. I showed him the site to give him some ideas and asked him to do something with the 'stuff'. My son found the Sony Micro TV at a local second hand shop ($25) and lots of time and patience...

Time went by and I was told I had to visit my son for Father's day. Off to Toronto I went.

This is the box he gave me, the opened box, and the connected Sony Micro-TV (the on/off switch and HDD led work)

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This is what it looks like - the dimensions of the Micro TV are 14.5 x 10 x 19 cm without the front cover - 19x10x19 with the front cover. In short, it is awfully tight - there was not enough room for the DVD/CDROM combo and I had already bought an internal one - so no USB. The ribbon cable can be rolled out and there is a power connection to attach a second IDE device. There is no floppy drive. There are two layers in the box - the top layer is the motherboard - a piece of foam that came with the motherboard and a sheet of Plexiglas glass to ensure the protection of the solder connection underneath the motherboard.

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One good thing about the Micro TV. There are lots of openings for air flow. The computer is built without a case fan - it really keeps cool.