The "Pet ITX"
By Andy Stirling
Posted on May 21, 2003
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For several years I have wanted to build a PC in a Pet case just for nostalgic reasons. Although the case could take a full size ATX board the timing of being able to get a PET at the right price and the availability of the EPIA series and a suitable 12" TFT made it all possible.

First, I obtained a suitable 4032 series Commodor PET at the right price (this one was not working from ebay)

The monitor was stripped down, removing the case, CRT, PCB and bezel, and leaving the frame.

The bezel was used as a template to create the smoked perspex surround for the 12" TFT screen.

A piece of galvanised perforated steel sheet (fitted to the original CRT mounting holes on the frame) was used to mount the EPIA M9000, HDD, LCD driver board and inverter using suitable standoffs. Only a few connecting cables were required: VGA to LCD driver, LCD driver to LCD, inverter to LCD, IDE to HDD