The "Bubbacomp"
By Jeff Dyer
Posted on March 12, 2003
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Well, I'm Canadian. That means I sit in my igloo and drink beer. Recently our brewers have recognized the fact that many people pick up a 12 pack for a good time. Well, instead of having all those smaller servings... we were blessed with the BUBBA! 5 litres of pure beer enjoyment. I've seen all these GREAT mini-itx projects, and I wanted to do my own. I thought about using an old cd player, the briefcase idea. Then I wanted something original. The idea struck me one night to put one into a bubba. Thus, the idea was in motion.


5% of Molson Canadian goodness
EPIA M9000
256MB PC2100
Fujitsu 10GB HDD
Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard


So, I had acquired the motherboard and RAM on a trip to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I also picked up a spare bubba from a recycling centre at the University of Alberta. I got home and right away started working on it. I first cut the bottom off of the bubba.

After that, I cut the spout out as it would interfere with the whole plexiglass board mount that I created. It was time to cut a hole in the side for the ports. An issue that I had here was insulation. With a trip to partsource for some spray-on rubber (rockergaurd) and door trim, I was able to make one sexy cut out for the ports.

So, now that I had the cut out for the ports, it's now time to take a quick look at what I shoved into this can. The picture below shows it. From left to right... there's the 10GB Fujitsu HDD, a peice of plexi, one of those small powersupplies )much like the one found on this website.) The mini-itx board follows, and that is mounted onto another peice of plexi. I bought a large threaded rod and cut four pieces down to a custom size. Unfortunately, the pictures from this step were lost :( But, there's a locktite nut and washer on each side of the plexi, and this lil number works GREAT, and even outside of the bubba looks great, and can be used in the orientation you see, or rotated clockwise 90 degrees.

So, now that I have a working assembly of a computer, and a bubba with a few holes in it, it's time to merge the two!