The "Dreamcast PC"
By Xiaolei Li
Posted on January 30, 2003
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This is a little project I started around Thanksgiving 2002 just because I needed a low-powered server that I can log into from home and work on. So I started looking around online at various projects that were based on the VIA Mini-ITX platform. After looking through some popular projects on this site, I decided that I'd use the Sega Dreamcast as my case. So I went and got a broken Dreamcast on eBay. Then I got the following parts:

- VIA EPIA 800
- IBM 2.5" 20GB Hard Drive
- Generic 300W Power Supply
- Crucial 512MB PC133 SDRAM
- 2.5" Hard Drive Converter
- A power switch and an LED

After I got all the necessary parts, it was time to start cutting up the Dreamcast to fit the motherboard. After quite a bit of a transformation, I got everything up and running. Currently, it's running SuSE Linux 8.0. (I had to temporarily hook up a CD-ROM in order to install it).

The bottom of the case (notice the 2 velcro strips to hold the hard drive)

Size comparison with a TI-89

Bottom of case with hard drive attached

Side view of bottom with hard drive

Motherboard inside the case (it's a perfect fit)

Front view of motherboard inside the case

Side view of the motherboard's connectors

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