The "The Log Cabin PC"
By Greg Sowell
Posted on March 3, 2003
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The main purpose of this project was this: I wanted to have a DVD/DivX/MP3 player for my TV, have it not look like a DVD/Divx/MP3 player, and show the multimedia aspects of my Mini. I made the mistake of talking to David about it. David suggested something familiar from his childhood, something that is fun for all, something that makes you smile, something for his mid-life crisis. "Why not build it out of Lincoln Logs?"

Let's do it!

If you try and purchase official Lincoln Logs then you better have a lot of money to spare. They also come with plastic roofs and windows... PLASTIC! There is a generic knock off called Kid Connection (Tumble Tree Timbers) that is much more cost effective, and they are made completely of wood. The best deal by far is to go to your local Wal-Mart and pick up a set of their "Kid Connection" log sets. They retail for $15! After you open the box you will notice the words "Tumble Tree Timbers" printed on the instructions.

The package

Now, as the blocks come, they are not long enough to make room for all of our components. All I did was pull out my trusty high-temp glue gun and do a little modding. There are four sizes of logs: small (1.5"), medium (4.5"), large (7.5), and the roof tiles (5.75"). I took two small logs and glued them end-to-end. After I repeated the previous step a few dozen times I glued a two-stack on either side of my medium logs. This gives us an inside dimension of about 9 inches once the cabin is assembled. I used the same end-to-end method for creating the roof assembly.

Various sizes

Roof under construction

Standard wall piece

I opted to add a window into my cabin so I just removed one of the small logs in some of the layers on one of the sides. I then measured the opening and cut a piece of Plexiglass so that it would have about a quarter inch of overlap on all sides. I then took a piece of sandpaper and frosted the window's inside. I also added some super-bright white LED's that I got. I drilled a small "U" shape into the top of the window and hot glued one of my super-white LED's. I wired up the super-white up as my power light. I then hot-glued some tinfoil to the back and sides of the window. This made it a little brighter outside the cabin and a little darker inside.

See the window?

The way he does that it seems he's had plenty of practice...

LED hot glued in

Are we baking a potato?

Foil glued across back and on sides

Complete window

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