The "Ambulator I"
By Webb Speidermann
Posted on January 20, 2004
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My name is Webb and I'm addicted to itsy bitsy Speidermann computers.

Usually the addiction causes good things to happen. Things like the satisfaction of completing a project so it can be admired, used, or sold. BUT! I have a nine year old dog named Winnie (a.k.a. Win94) who always seems to want to go out to turn some snow yellow when I'm in the middle of a divx movie or wrapped up in a Yardbirds MP3 collection. I can usually ignore her for quite a while but then the whining starts and I glance over to see her sitting there cross-legged. What makes it worse is, once outside, she can never seem to find just the right place to let her creativity flow. Sometimes we'll tromp around for a half hour or more before she produces the first of several snow paintings. Then one day it hit me like a wet kiss at the end of a hot fist! Make a WEARABLE COMPUTER for those evening strolls in the park!

So Ambulator I was conceived in mid 2003 so my dog could wizz while I watch a Simpsons episode.

For perspective here is a shot of a couple of previous projects -  Bantam II and Bantam I. Bantam I was chosen to become Ambulator I because Bantam II is busy serving up MP3s in an auto in Pennsylvania.

The pictures you'll be seeing are in an order that seems to make sense to me ..... but have no relation to the actual time line. There are three different motherboards showing up here and there. The final mobo is a 1 GHz Nehemiah.

Here we have spacers made of fiber washers glued together with 'stick glue. Spacers were not really needed but there was room there so I spaced out.

Here's a shot sporting a CL 6000 motherboard w/dual LAN.

Here is the original config. No holes in the case and the IDE connects to the hard drive by way of an adapter. Motherboard is an 'early' 533 MHz board.

Under the hood ........ or is that bonnet? The black magic marker was added so yellow wouldn't show through the holes in the face plate.

I've chosen not to use a rear cover to allow for better air flow or because my attempts at producing one sucked so badly.