The "Mobile Blackbox"
By Jan-Hendrik Koch
Posted on September 24, 2002
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Jan-Hendrik put an EPIA 800 inside his car and surrounded it with a delightful selection of devices including a keypad, IR-receiver, LCD, power distribution, IR keyboard and even a rear-view camera! You can catch his website here (we've effectively mirrored it here to reach a wider audience)

"The purpose of the mobile-blackbox is to listen to mp3 music and to watch divx movies when you are "on the road". The mobile-blackbox is very robust and if you want to, it can be removed from the car in a matter of seconds."

The Blackbox in action. Working great !

The Blackbox & the Power Supply

Constantly monitoring the power usage.

This ultra-slim keypad is being used to control WinAmp.

The IR-receiver of the wireless keyboard