The "NT Gas Station 2.0"
By Webb Speidermann
Posted on September 30, 2002
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Introducting Webb Speidermann's RedCan Linux -or- NT Gas Station 2.0 -
depending on the mode he's in...

For some unexplainable reason I've wanted a gas can PC for 4 or 5 years.
When the VIA Mini-ITX made it's way to my attention I ordered one and a smallish power supply then started searching for the right container to put it in.

Being male limited me to purchasing the very first one into which everything would fit. I will be keeping my eyes open for the perfect portable plastic petrol pot.

Using a battery-powered reciprocal saw with a semi-sharp blade I removed just enough of the bottom to allow the components to be inserted.

I made a paper template of the 'to the world' side of the power supply, taped it to the can's bottom as far away from the M/B as possible. With a hammer drill and recip saw, drilled, cut, and melted the power supply cutouts and trimmed it up with a mini pocket knife (normally used for carving cat5 cables).


Did a test fit of the components. The power supply fit first time (this was not expected).

Velcro will be used to mount the hard drive. I threaded a 1' X 1" ribbon of Velcro loops through the handle and stuck it to the strip of adhesive-backed hooks that I'd adheezed to a Western Digital 10 JiggleButt IDE drive.

There is family history with Velcro: the Speidermanns became wealthy running the most successful Velcro ranch east of the Mississippi River. Then in 1984 we were wiped out when that terrible Lint storm blew through. Lost everything.

The final OS is Mitel's 'e-smith-server', found at
With this variant of RedHat you get options for web, proxy, mail, and file servers. I'll just use it as a backup server for the other PCs at home and will use it's MP3 jukebox option as Red Can Linux's main function.