The "ITX-Helmet"
By Ralf Puppe
Posted on February 14, 2003
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When I came across for the first time, I thought it might be a good idea to try a project on my own. After looking through the pictures on the site, I could not decide on whether to try a 1:10 RC-car-ITX or a nice little blue ITX-case. As always, things go their own way. So during a visit to my friend Wolfgang, who owns a motorcycle shop nearby, I saw some crash-helmets and asked myself, whether or not all components of a small business PC would fit into one of those beasts. As Wolfgang also was interested in this question, I got a new helmet for free - and so the "story" began ...

This picture was taken for the "before/after" story. As one can see, the helmet could really have been used to protect silly things like human brains ;-)

It is amazing how raw a helmet looks without all the protecting stuff.

The first cuts are made. They will be used for the backpanel connections, the power supply fan and the mains connector. It does not look very hard, but it took a lot of time to arrange and re-arrange the parts to have them fitted altogether. Have you ever tried to cut rectangular pieces out of convex material?