The "S-CUBE"
By Sergio Morales
Posted on July 22, 2003


I proudly present the S-CUBE. The third generation of a device that I call my "Home Entertainment PC Based All Purpose Machine". The first and the second one were based on a huge PIII shuttle motherboard and those were called the SBOX I and SBOX II.

The main objective for all of them was to not expend too much money so I used old hardware that I already had. The EPIA M was a new acquisition because size was my second objective for this project. It’s a really amazing little lady.

The Hardware

• Self made wooden box (180mm x 200mm x 190mm)
• EPIA M 9000 – 256MbDDR.
• 20Gb Seagate normal size.
• LG DVD 12x.
• Grand TV FM Capture Card (bt878).
• Normal size 300W ATX Power supply.
• Home made IR receiver (thanks Igor SFH56).
• Generic LCD 20x2 (LPT).

The Software

• Windows XP Pro.
• Power DVD XP 4.
• ShowShifter.
• Girder32.
• MAME, ZX Spectrum, SNES, emulators.
• MORETV – Perfectaudio (for analogic nagra channel decoding, Canal+).
• TV2000 / FM Radio (native software of the TV/FMCard).
• WMP 9.0.
• JaLCD.
• 10Gb of MP3 music ready to listen.


• DVD, VCD, SVCD, CVCD, DIVX, XDIV, WMV video player (AC3, DTS, DD, STEREO supported)
• MP3, WMA, CD audio players. Includes on screen menu with covers.
• TV watching / recording. (Recording not very fast due to the fact that the GranTV does not record MPEG).
• Canal+ (analogic nagra channel decoding)
• Radio FM Stereo.
• Games: MAME, ZX Spectrum, SNES and PSX One Emulators.
• Picture Book SlideShow (games require a JoyPad)


• Im working on an Wireless LAN for internet (more money...)

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