The "Humidor M"
By Jeffrey L. Stephenson
Posted on January 20, 2002
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Jeffrey is a regular on this site, contributing not one but three stunningly made Mini-ITX based "Humidor" projects. Before you look further (no peeking) why not visit the original Humidor 64 and its sequel, the Humidor II. OK, you can look now. This one of course, has the EPIA M at its core - it had to happen. Rumour is that the next Humidor will be made of Wicker, and the PSU will be gradually overloaded until it bursts into flames in front of an audience of invited guests.

Here are the details:

  • VIA EPIA M @ 933Mhz
  • 512 MB PC2100 RAM
  • 15GB Hard Drive
  • Windows XP Home SP1
  • 16X slimline DVD
  • ATI Remote Wonder
  • Microsoft 802.11b USB Client
  • Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse
  • CrystalFontz USB LCD Display
  • ThermalTake Tiger 1 HSF anodized in red
    (Used to replace the stock CPU cooler)
  • ThermalTake Active Memory Cooler anodized in red
  • 4-port powered USB2.0 hub
  • Vantec Stealth 60mm exhaust fan

After hooking everything up outside the box and installing the software I loosely fit the components inside the box looking for interferences. The bottom drawer was cut up except the front and the space became a false compartment. DVD drive installed on the left below the handle.

Doing the final installations. The Bluetooth requires a regular keyboard and mouse to do the install. Also, the Bluetooth keyboard can not be used to get into BIOS or Safe Mode booting. The small blue thing to the right on the table is the Bluetooth (I'm not kidding). It glows blue on its tip when plugged-in and operating. Very cool.

Finished piece. The CrystalFontz LCD is great fun to play with. I mounted it at an angle so it can be easily read. I like to type messages that scroll across the screen saying things like "Eat at Joe's" and "Hi Mom". I wonder what the advertising rate should be at CES? The screen also is loaded with messages thanking those who helped and supported the "Humidors". is one of them.

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