May 11, 2005

Graham Thompson's "BBC ITX B"

Computer-loving Brits of a particular vintage (including us) will remember with affection the BBC Micro Model B... the rest of you probably won't know what on earth we're talking about.

The BBC Micro was introduced as a learning tool on the back of a documentary about the brave new world of micro-processing. What it actually introduced to many of us was a world of clandestine after-school gaming, huddled around a monitor waiting our turn to play Planetoid, Snapper or Chuckie Egg.

Graham Thompson certainly remembers it, and with outrageous disrespect for halcyon times past he has created a machine with 33,333% more MHz oomf than the original: the "BBC ITX B", powered by an EPIA ME 6000 motherboard.

This puppy runs Linux, and of course a trusty Beeb emulator. Graham went full-stealth, and rewired the original back panel, and even more cunningly made the original keyboard work as nature intended.

Graham Thompson's "BBC ITX B"

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