The "RadioSphere"
By Audun Lindbraaten, Oslo, Norway
Posted on August 25, 2003
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From the first time I saw the projects here on this site back in summer 2002 I’ve wanted to do one myself. I made a MediaBox based upon an old CD player and a Epia 800Mhz. A very funny project to do, but not that original. A year later I stumbled upon my next project at a flea market, and this project should be something that you never had seen before!

The RadioSphere

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This is the lamp shade I found at the flea marked. It just screamed at me and told me to convert it into to a Mini-ITX project!

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I stared by making a little sketch of my intention with the project, it should be "wireless"!

I wrote down my ideas and thoughts around the system:
• As silent as possible
• As few cables as possible
• A "nice" design that can fit into my living room as well as in my office
• Small
• Cheap! (I will mostly use old parts)

Then I decided what hardware to use (this has changed a bit in the final project):

• Lamp shade!
• EPIA 800 Mini-ITX (800Mhz)
• 128Mb RAM
• 1,2Gb Laptop HD
• "Slimline" CD/DVD (Not used)
• 55w ext. "silent" PSU
• W-lan PCI card (Changed to USB version)
• Audio card PCI (The onboard soundcard is broken!)
• FM Transmitter
• Antenna
• Cold cathode light (Blue)
• Wireless keyboard & mouse

The next step was to do a couple of CAD drawings of the case and decide how to fit the parts into it. This was how I first intended it to look like, but in the end I had to do some adjustments.

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This is a side view of the case, I’ve moved the HD and taken out the DVD in the final case.

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Top view of the case, I’ve also skipped the PCI riser card and changed the W-Lan card to an USB type.

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I ordered an FM-Transmitter kit from CanaKit. I soldered it together and ended up with this. It has an transmitter radius of about 20 metres.