The "Mediabox"
By Johannes Hermen, Germany
Posted on July 4, 2002
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Johannes Hermen in Germany has created a case made from an old tape deck! The ubiquitous Plexiglass once again makes an appearance, this time sprayed silver to make a new front cover. Is there no end to this materials versatility? We're sure you agree it looks stunning - is this the perfect DivX/MP3 box?


  1. Beginnings
  2. Silencing the Power Supply
  3. Mounting the Motherboard
  4. Connecting the LCD and testing
  5. The rear of the case
  6. The front of the case
  7. Software
  8. Final Pictures

1. Beginnings

I found an old tape-deck in the cellar, which seemed to be a good case for the project because of it's size and design. First I had to remove everthing looking like a tape-deck, which was nearly everything ;-).