The "Humidor 64"
By Jeffrey L. Stephenson
Posted on September 9, 2002

Introducing the Humidor 64 "Executive" Computer!

For executives who have managed to avoid the technology revolution and now face inevitable extinction. It doesn’t have to be ugly. EPIA 800 built into a cherry finished cedar lined cigar humidor. 90-Watt power supply from an IBM. No CDROM or floppy; executives have no use for these things. LAN connectivity to a T1 line. Who really needs more? Wireless keyboard and mouse so they can be quickly and easily hidden when other humans appear. “Computer?” says the disbelieving co-worker. “No, just one of those new LCD televisions. I keep it on CNBC all day.” Sweet running machine with Windows XP Pro, 256MB Crucial 133, 6GB HD and of course industrial-strength anti-virus protection. Also available in Light Burl.